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The Berylford Scandals: Lust & Liberty (2018)

Follow Oliviera, the Countess of Vyrrington, as she pursues an affair with her servant Jesse Blameford while her marriage to Lord Wilson Vyrrington grows hollow. Risking her reputation and family name, while defying the threats of her dogged butler George Whitlocke. The sudden disappearance of a servant boy throws her household into disarray; she is forced to protect her lover and, by extension, their secret liaison. Meanwhile, one of Lady Vyrrington’s closest friends, Mrs Haffisidge, contends with a cryptic threat to her own reputation, from an enemy she did not know she had.

Lust & Liberty is equal parts mystery and romance, detailing Berylford’s forbidden liaisons, blackmail, bribery and deception, amid a society obsessed with social and financial status…

The Berylford Scandals: Sin & Secrecy (2020)

The wars waged by Napoleon in Europe are nothing quite as bloody as the war between the Stirkwhistle siblings in Berylford. The fearsome Abel Stirkwhistle asserts his own order across town, opposed at every turn by his vindictive sister Rebecca. As schoolmistress, Rebecca rules tyrannical over her pupils, including the mischievous foursome The Four Scallywags, who plot to be rid of her once and for all. But what they stumble upon is far worse, and far more dangerous for all involved. Will Abel keep Berylford in his iron clutches, or will he lose all the power he has fought so hard to win?

Reunite with your favourite characters from Berylford 20 years after Lust & Liberty, plus loads of new faces. All of whom talk, and are talked about, in this scandalous little town.