Podcast – The Dale Hurst Writing Show

The Dale Hurst Writing Show is a podcast discussing and exploring various issues surrounding writing, publishing, and storytelling.

Episodes air every two weeks, starting in the summer and ending just before Christmas with a festive special. They feature your host, Dale Hurst, speaking with authors at various stages of their careers, plus poets, filmmakers and other creatives about issues relating to writing, publishing and storytelling. He also interviews his guests about what makes them tick as storytellers, their favourite characters and scenes to write, and who inspires them from the world of writing.

In 2021, Dale decided to get to work on his latest project. A podcast in which he would discuss issues surrounding the worlds of writing, publishing and storytelling with other people in the business. The result was The Dale Hurst Writing Show, which ran its first season in 2021. Guests include the spy novelist Collin Glavac, award-nominated poet and rapper S.P. Thane, videographer and photographer Jamie Webb, playwright Sebastian Gardner, and Dale Hall and Nels Challinor from Great Ape literary journal.

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The following year, after a lot of deliberation, Dale brought The Dale Hurst Writing Show back for a second series, which ran in the latter half of 2022. For this series, Dale wanted to expand on the variety of guests with whom he could discuss writing, publishing and storytelling issues. This time around, he brought along singer-songwriter Calum Lintott, crime author Jason R. Vowles, horror writer Alex Colvin, actor Conor Ó’Cuinn and director Tazy Harrison-Moore, and international bestselling thriller novelist Avanti Centrae.

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For its third season, The Dale Hurst Writing Show decided to spring for more seriousness. Discussing harder-hitting topics and subject matter for the benefit of the aspiring and up-and-coming writers among the listeners. In Season 3, the podcast saw the likes of novelists Awais Khan and Ashley Hickson-Lovence talk about their own work and covering themes such as honour killings, knife crime and county lines. Other guests include filmmaker Bertie Brosnan, freelance proofreader and editor Abbie Rutherford, and screenwriter Ryan Avery.

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