Ballad of a Godless Man

A new interactive, choose-your-own-path audiobook and reading experience.

Ballad of a Godless Man is an expansion on my poem A MODERN WASTELAND. From the poem’s four stanzas, I devised a full storyline, following the protagonist Jean-Yves Quancard from his later childhood to early adulthood. Jean-Yves will tell you his story and ask you to inform his decisions, and allow him to live with the consequences either way. At points, you will be given the chance to break off from Jean-Yves’ storyline and follow one of the other characters instead.

While the main part of the story is an audiobook based on YouTube, there will be points where you will return to this website to read letters and newspaper reports relevant to the story.


N.B. The videos succeed one another in numerical order, going from Part 1 all the way to Part 15 depending on the path you choose. Some parts are lettered as well, purely to differentiate between each alternative pathway. Don’t panic if the letters don’t match up every time.

Backup links to the readable elements of the story are listed below: