Letter from Jean-Yves to M. Duvalier

Dear M. Duvalier,

I will not bother you with all the extraneous details. In short, I have done it. I kicked Elise out. You and your wife were right about her and everything you suspected. But it is far worse than either of us ever feared.

It appears she conspired with my housekeeper and cook to fleece me of most of my valuable possessions and at least half of my fortune. She was not meeting with M. de Loire to discuss the transference of her dowry to me; but rather my own funds to add to hers.

Naturally, de Loire will give me anything but a straight answer; I am in no position to prosecute them, nor demand a divorce without dragging my own name through the slurry. And so, with great regret, I am telling you that I shall be returning to the family estate, with all I have left. In short, we are to be neighbours again.

I cannot thank you and Mme. Duvalier enough for your continuing friendship, and I hope you will visit me at the house as soon as I am settled.

The very best wishes,

Jean-Yves Quancard.