Letter from Mme. Duvalier to Jean-Yves

Dearest Jean-Yves,

Whatever you do – do not advise Monsieur Duvalier of my writing to you. He expressly forbade me to convey what I’m about to, and indeed even now I’m unsure if my interference will go entirely appreciated. Still, I feel I have a moral obligation to someone I have known since they were a child.

You are a credit to your late mother, my dear, in deciding to forgive your wife for her indiscretions… but I fear your goodness was misplaced.

I know not of what exactly transpired between Elise and yourself and if an arrangement was settled on, please ignore me altogether… but she is not even making a secret of it anymore in the city. Hand-in-hand with young men – a different one every time. Laughing, embracing, and worse.

It pains me awfully to have to bear such news to you; as I say, my husband would never have sanctioned my telling you. However, I urge you to reconsider your noble decision – you may be better for it.

Whatever you choose to do, I am sure it will be the right choice.

The very best wishes,

Mme. Euphrasie Duvalier