ANNOUNCEMENT: New Book in Progress

I realise it has been quite some time since I was last seen updating my novelist blog. But things have been a bit hectic with episodes of depression, writer’s block and also my temporary return to salaried work.

The monotonous nature of being a receptionist has finally reawakened my creativity, and I finally put fingers to keyboard on an idea I have been mulling over for the best part of a year now. It isn’t the only new book I have started — it has been one of many things I wanted to work on but haven’t had the inspiration to do so. These also included a foray into fantasy which I have been working on for my writer’s group, as well as the romantic crime drama I mentioned before. And, of course, there’s the next instalment of The Berylford Scandals, which is entitled Sin & Secrecy. That is already written, for the most part, it needs a proper read-through and editing to make total sense and tie in with its predecessor.

But writing about the lives of Lady Vyrrington, Mrs Urmstone, Mrs Haffisidge and Abel Stirkwhistle can wait for a while — in truth, I’m still sick of the sight of the characters. Instead, may I present my new, work-in-progress title:


Just in case any of you are wondering — no, it isn’t a rip-off of The Pianist. The title seemed fitting, that’s all.

In my first jump into thriller writing, I’m transporting you out from Regency England over to Berlin, 1943, in the heart of World War II. To one of the only still-functioning hotels in the capital, whose guests have no shortage of intrigue. And neither do the staff.

I developed the characters over the course of the last year, taking inspiration from the appearances and personalities from the people around me at the time. I hope they won’t mind my saying so — this time, it was my colleagues at Nationwide who inspired the looks and moods of the characters in You Can Hear Chopin from the Attic

This is only five chapters in, so far, so I won’t give away too much. But it will deal primarily with the persecution of the mentally ill by the Nazis at that time (one of Hitler’s own relatives among them). It also discusses the largely undocumented subject of the hotel industry at that time. Surprising as it is, business was often booming! It will be fun to research.

Chapter samples and more will follow, as well as other writer-related news.