Bournemouth Writing Festival 2024: The Dale Hurst Writing Show comes to you

Some new developments on the podcast front… we’re going to Bournemouth Writing Festival 2024!

Black tile with text reading "The Dale Hurst Writing Show comes to Bournemouth Writing Festival"I know there hasn’t been much news from me lately, and I won’t go into why at the moment. I’ve got something much more important to reveal. Last year, I entered into talks to get my podcast, The Dale Hurst Writing Show, involved in Bournemouth Writing Festival 2024, somehow. Now, I’m able to reveal I’ll be at the event in the flesh, conducting interviews with industry pros and experts for a special mini-series of episodes.

In addition, two volunteers are joining me to bring the podcast to the masses attending the festival. Hoping to find out about the writers of Bournemouth, surrounding areas, and beyond, in terms of why they write and what they write. Plus my usual questions: favourite characters, scenes and dialogue, influences and inspirations, and their advice for aspiring writers.

As I would with a full series of the podcast, I’ll interview experts from a variety of fields within the writing craft. Authors of prose (fiction and non-), as well as poets and screenwriters. I won’t ruin the surprise by revealing the full line-up just yet.

However, if you’re going to the festival this year — 26–28 April — I really hope you’ll stop by and chat with one of us. Even get your voice on the show.

Bournemouth Writing Festival will be taking place from Friday 26 until Sunday 28 April, with The Dale Hurst Writing Show in attendance on each day. The Dale Hurst Writing Show is a writing, publishing and storytelling podcast. Catch up with all three seasons on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music. Also, like my Facebook page and Follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with my latest news.