Did I Just Apply to go on Jamie Oliver’s New TV Show?

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is on the hunt for the next big cookery author. Question is, did I throw my hat into the ring…?

Long-time followers will know about my love of food, drink, restaurants, bars, hotels… the list goes on. And for a while, I entertained the idea of being a food writer. Indeed, I ran a food blog, Expensive Tastes, for the best part of seven years. With modest success, I might add. Especially when I got invited to review a very grand London restaurant back in 2016. But since closing its website down in 2019, apart from the occasional guest restaurant review posted on Instagram, I have largely fallen off the food writing wagon. So when my frequent collaborator Aaron Hayes brought this video from one of my favourite celeb chefs, Jamie Oliver, to my attention, I was drawn into something I found hard to resist.

Find out the truth in the full video below:

You can also apply to be on Jamie Oliver’s new show by clicking here. Deadline is Monday 20th September 2021, and you must be based in the UK.

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