The Dale Hurst Writing Show Season 3 arriving soon

A message to fans, writers and storytellers alike… the wait is over. The Dale Hurst Writing Show Season 3 is on its way…

Black banner with text reading "The Dale Hurst Writing Show Season 3 Coming Soon". Icons of a microphone and a quill and inkwell appear along the bottom.When the first season of our podcast The Dale Hurst Writing Show came to a close, there was some debate over whether we’d return for a second. But our fanbase appreciated enough to request Season 2, which we delivered last year. The feedback during that second season was overwhelmingly positive and so The Dale Hurst Writing Show Season 3 was a no-brainer. Had to be done. And now, we can reveal it is due for launch in the next couple of weeks. Listen to the trailer now.

What can listeners expect?

Listeners and guests alike have praised the show’s format, referring to it as easy to listen to, informative, and in many ways different to other writing podcasts. With this in mind, we’ve tried to go with more of the same. A new episode released every fortnight leading up to Christmas. Guests on The Dale Hurst Writing Show Season 3 will range from traditionally published authors to up-and-coming screenwriters; from filmmakers with huge followings to members of the publishing industry. As usual, we tried to deliver a mixture. All of them discussing topics and issues from the worlds of writing, publishing and storytelling.

This season will include a couple of episodes that tackle more serious issues from a writing standpoint. Themes including the cost of living crisis, female honour, and knife crime. Other topics include the role of the commissioning department in publishing, how much magic is too much in fantasy, and scripting a TV series from start to finish.

Another small addition to the proceedings is a focus on advice for aspiring and new writers and storytellers. Those who may be starting out on their careers or even just toying with the idea. This season, our guests offer tips and advice, warn of traps and bust myths, based on their own experiences.

Who will feature in The Dale Hurst Writing Show Season 3?

As with previous seasons, Season 3 will comprise ten episodes, including a Christmas special to serve as a finale. And as previously mentioned, we have invited a mixture of writers and storytellers from a variety of backgrounds, genres and areas of the industry to discuss topics relating to their own expertise.

In one episode, we talk to novelist Awais Khan, whose work No Honour deals with the serious subject of female honour and honour killings. Meanwhile, fellow author Ashley Hickson-Lovence also features this series. In his episode, he discusses the themes of knife crime and county lines prevalent in his upcoming novel Wild East.

Poet Winston “Mayor” Lindsay, filmmaker Bertie Brosnan, playwright Justin McDevitt, publishing professional Abbie Rutherford, author E.B. Hunter, and screenwriter Ryan Avery also feature on this year’s programme.

Irish filmmaker, actor and author Brosnan commented on how important it is for writers of any stage of their careers to have a platform like this podcast to discuss their work:

“Discussing your craft at any stage of your development is vitally important because that’s how you reflect on what you’ve learned. It is also a way of seeing objectively where you are, if you can look at what you’ve achieved from an eagle-eye perspective. That inadvertently helps the listener, too, because they are listening to the processes of the craft.”

Where can we listen, and when?

Season 3 will launch on Thursday 3 August 2023, with new editions releasing every two weeks thereafter. They’ll be available in full on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Amazon Music. This is also where you can catch up on the first two seasons if you haven’t caught them before. Listen to the trailer now.

Want to find out more about the podcast? Or maybe you have an idea for a guest or topic for an episode? Get in touch with us via Facebook and Instagram