Welcome to the new blog…

Hello and welcome to my new blog. Don’t worry — this is not taking the place of Expensive Tastes or anything. This is where you’ll find more of my general news, particularly from the novelist part of me.

Lust & Liberty coverIt’s old news to some, of course, but if you weren’t aware, I published my first novel at the end of May. A romantic mystery story set in Regency England called Lust & Liberty, part of a series of novels I have planned entitled The Berylford Scandals.

Since it’s self-published via Amazon, I’m currently still in the early stages of marketing the thing. It is available now in both paperback and Kindle form from Amazon. With the marketing may come public appearances, interviews and podcasts too (if we’re lucky).

In short, keep your eyes peeled. Updates to come very frequently, including my plans for the next novel, which I can confirm will not be the sequel to Lust & Liberty