Video | Sin & Secrecy: Chapter 6 (1st Anniversary Reading)

We weren’t quite prepared for the first anniversary of Sin & Secrecy. But we managed a belated commemoration, with this video reading…

I released my second novel, The Berylford Scandals: Sin & Secrecy one year ago on 15th June. Could’ve sworn it was later on in the month, but obviously not. So, with this in mind, I put together a video reading. Not Chapter One, for various reasons… namely that it’s quite long, and that other video readings of that chapter already exist.

Chapter Six, on the other hand, Lady Vyrrington’s Warning, has only had a pre-release preview. It’s an important part of the first part of the book, and features a confrontation between Lady Vyrrington and Rebecca Stirkwhistle.

Hope you enjoy!

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