Considering an Audiobook

Lust & Liberty coverEver since publishing my debut novel earlier this year, (The Berylford Scandals: Lust & Liberty if you weren’t aware by now, having sold 62 copies including two overseas), I have been told again and again that I ought to produce an audiobook version next. I was immediately dismissive of the idea. For one thing, I couldn’t pay someone to read my work for me. The general response has been, “Just read it yourself!”

That struck me as very vain and self-serving at the time. I mean, I would love to do an audiobook, reading from someone else’s work, perhaps! I have the background and training in radio and broadcasting to carry it off, plus anyone who knows me will agree that no one else sounds quite like I do (and thank God for it!)

Then as I came to think about it more and more, I figured that if anyone knows how each character should sound in each particular scene or scenario, it will be the person who created all that in the first place. But again, the vanity pulled me back.

But then I read that the legend himself that was Roald Dahl released an audiobook version of Fantastic Mr. Fox (coincidentally the first full book I remember reading on my own), as well as a number of his other works. If it’s good enough for Roald Dahl, then I certainly have no problem with it.

So yes, I’m hereby announcing I will be recording and producing an audiobook version of Lust & Liberty. At least we can rely on there being no typos involved.