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The Dale Hurst Writing Show – the Story So Far…

I’ve harped on about it somewhat for the last couple of years, but some of you may still have missed the low-down on my podcast, The Dale Hurst Writing Show. Let me enlighten you…

Where to begin when talking about The Dale Hurst Writing Show… What is it? When and how did it all come from, and why?


The show is a podcast, a.k.a. a series of 35-50ish-minute audio programmes; in this case, they revolve around topics and issues in the worlds of writing, publishing and storytelling. I get a guest or two on every episode to discuss the subject of the week, which usually has some relevance to that guest’s work and/or area of expertise. Most of my guests are writers of prose fiction; I’ve also had the pleasure of speaking with filmmakers, playwrights, poets, screenwriters and marketing professionals. I always reserve a window in the episode to interview my guests about themselves and their work, including whatever creative projects they’re working on at that time.


Until 2021, I was the editor of an online positive news magazine. Part of that magazine’s ongoing content was a satirical current affairs podcast called Bournemouth Backchat, which I co-presented with James Boxall and Aaron Hayes. That ran for over 50 episodes, closing with the magazine. And that left a big podcast-shaped hole in my life that I was determined to fill. After doing a bit of research and discovering there weren’t many podcasts around that were discussing writing and storytelling in both theory and practice, I thought I’d give it a go. And with that, The Dale Hurst Writing Show was born. The response to the first season of 10 episodes was so positive that I brought it back for a second last year.


I initially published on Spotify only, but The Dale Hurst Writing Show is now available to listen on Google Podcasts and Amazon Music as well. In fact there are five platforms to choose from to listen to this podcast. You’ll find links to all of them below.

The Dale Hurst Writing Show is a fortnightly, seasonal podcast. To get in touch about topics and guests for future seasons, or for more author news and views, refer to Dale’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Also, to check our latest updates, head over to the blog page.